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Legal Services Presentation

MT Legal Services Association Presentation given to SCBH Coalition on March 14, 2024 covering their services available to Montana residents.

Montana CARES at Medicine Lake School

Megan Murphy, Medicine Lake School, spoke to Sheridan County Behavioral Health Coalition about the Montana Cares app that is in place at Medicine Lake School which connects students, staff & parents to basic needs, community resources, 24/7 immediate crisis support, and a direct to school communication platform.

Plentywood School partners with EMCMHC

Presentation of Plentywood School Partners from February 8 2024. Presented by The Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center representative Kim Kittelson.

Child Support Services Presentation with CSSD of Montana

Kial Leach and Brooke Sturm Join the Sheridan County Behavioral Health Coalition for a presentation of Child Support Services in the State of Montana. The presentation was given May 9 of 2024. For more information visit CSSD of Montana online at

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