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Eastern Montana Community Mental Health

Address: 100 W Laurel Ave, Plentywood MT, 59254

Point of contact: Sheri Hilyard, LCSW, LAC



After hour calls are transferred to an on-call counselor, available to everyone, not just existing clients. Provides quality, professional, and comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment services. Accepts private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, VA, and limited income clients may qualify for HELP Program or sliding payment scale.



Toll Free

800-597- 6608

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PrT Coaching - Life, Loss, Grief

Address: 318 E 1st Ave, Plentywood MT, 59254

Point of Contact: Tammy Craker


Coaching is a service to help you get from one place to the next.  All through our lives we experience many transitions.  Becoming an employee, a parent, or even a widow.   They are all different journeys we travel in our lifetimes.   Occasionally we need a listening ear to determine how to manage the twist and turns we are going through.  Pastor Tammy Craker, Pastor at Plentywood Lutheran Church in Plentywood, MT,  is a life coach and certified in End of Life and Grief Coaching.   In a coaching relationship she can be your listening ear and ask thought provoking questions to make your journey more manageable. As a Grief coach, she gives people the time and space they need to grieve as they transition to a new and different way of life.   Loss comes in many different ways:  death, change in job, empty nest, unrealized dream.   Unresolved grief of loss often finds it’s way into unwelcome places and can affect your health, habits, and relationships.   Call

406-765-1371 or 605-765-4043

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association

Address: Highland Ave, Plentywood MT, 59254

Point of Contact: Sandra Overgaard, LCSW

Sandra Overgaard, LCSW provides counseling for health, grief, caregiver support and other issues.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 406.765.3708.

Integrated Behavioral Health

Sheridan Memorial Clinic uses Integrated Behavioral Health which is an approach to primary care, focusing on a person’s physical and mental health. This approach encourages providers to screen and assess the mental health of our patients at their primary care appointments. All of our providers are qualified to perform screenings, evaluations, care, prescribe medication for mental health and substance abuse concerns as well as refer patients for counseling, psychiatry, or other services.

Call 406.765.3718

Free Counseling Services for Montana AG Producers

In 2020, the Montana Department of Agriculture secured a USDA grant to make this free counseling available. Provided through Frontier Psychiatry PLLC, counseling tailored to rural needs is offered free of charge to anyone working in agriculture in Montana.

Appointments can occur either in-person or online through video meetings.

Book online with Frontier Psychiatry,
or call

406-200-8471, ext 11


Frontier Psychiatry

We provide access to quality psychiatric care for rural and frontier communities. As a completely virtual telepsychiatry practice based in Montana, all appointments occur online through secure video conferencing technology. Services include: child & adolescent psychiatry, adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry & memory care, addiction treatment, and solutions for organizations and providers for outpatient and inpatient care.

Visit our website or



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Office of Kristin McColly

Address: Hinsdale MT, 59241


Point of Contact: Kristin McColly, NP, PLLC


A sound mind is more important now than ever in this current age of uncertainty. General anxieties and stressors are reaching a fever pitch. Depression is compounded by isolation and economic hardship. With the privacy of videoconferencing in your own home or on your phone and with insurances stepping up to the plate, the time has never been easier and more accepting to get the help you need. Secure facetime from the field or from your home, help is here. Kristin’s practice provides specialty care in mental health, with medication management and therapeutic services for mental wellbeing, mental health conditions, and addictions. The Office of Kristin McColly is seeing patients by telemental health and in person through the Sheridan Memorial Outreach Clinic.



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Prairie Hills Recovery Center

Address: 623 N Central Ave, Sidney MT, 59270


We offer Outpatient Addiction Counseling for substance use in Sidney and the surrounding areas through telehealth services and in person counseling; along with behavioral health information classes. We provide evaluations, individual counseling, group therapy, minor in possession classes, DUI classes, batterer intervention classes (partner family member assault classes for men and women), women's trauma group, and marijuana education Classes. Services are for teens and adults. PHRC accepts private insurance, Medicaid, and offer a lower self-pay scale for qualified individuals.



or visit our website for more information

Turning Leaf Counseling

Address: 110 S Grant ST., Suite B, Plentywood MT, 59254

Point of Contact: Gina Aasheim, LCPC



Provides outpatient mental health counseling to the residents of Sheridan County and the surrounding area. Counseling services for adults, children, couples and families. Turning Leaf Counseling accepts private insurance, Medicaid, VA, and private pay clients. 



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